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RESTful API to Microsoft Azure, Wikipedia, WolframAlpha, Google Knowledgebase, YouTube, Clarify, TMDb, Bing, MicrosoftFace,...

Image processing with AVFoundation, Core Image, Core Graphics, OpenGLES, Image.IO, QuartzCore,...

Database using CoreData and MS Azure.


VizRecAppIconCentre1xThe future in Visual Recognition. Recognize celebrities using your iPhone's camera. Add yourself, so you too may be recognized, and control your own personal information.

VizRec Home Page



IMG1295 VizRec IMG1296 IMG1301

Home screen with searchable list of recently VizRec'd people and brands.

Summary view. Select from the toolbar for further information and social media.

Data sources include WolframAlpha.

Use your iPhone camera to capture an image to be VizRec'd.

IMG1305 IMG1306 IMG1298

VizRec searches its databases to retrieve a match to the face.

Details are pulled together from multiple databases.

Log in to access premium features such as "Match Me" and "Market Your Brand".